ISSA members, Neohumanist Education Association (Romania) and Mutant (Netherlands) are pleased to invite you to a two-day “Peer Learning Activity” (PLA) funded by ISSA, to teach the skills necessary for inner and outer peace and happiness from the early years, in age-appropriate ways!

This PLA will adapt the “Peace in your Hands” international training and materials to early childhood education and incorporate practices from Neohumanist Education, such as Quiet Time, Yoga for Children, Wisdom stories and the inner development of the teacher.

Who is this Peer-Learning Activity for?

This training is designed for early childhood education professionals (directors, trainers or practitioners) that wish to pro-actively enhance children’s resilience and abilities to actively create a peaceful, happy world around them.  Skills in self-regulation, conflict resolution, as well as values based on peace, can be taught from the early years and create a strong foundation for life.

Welcome to the “Peace in Your Hands” Training

Peace in your hands is an educational package for early childhood and primary schools aiming to:

  • encourage discussions about peace
  • help children to understand what peace is
  • show what you can do to experience peace within yourself and to pass it on to others.

After the training participants will be able to use the educational package in their classrooms and have insight in the connection of the package with the school curriculum. Volunteers or ‘ambassadors’ and trainers will be able to advocate for the package and to provide workshops or guest lessons in schools. Peace in yourself, in the classroom, in the world.

Peace in Your Hands was created in response to teachers’ need for learning materials to encourage classroom discussion about peace and how to create peace at school, in the class and in the community. Many schools in many countries have used and shared this pack with each other.

Children are born with a desire for peace. Peace in Your Hands aims to encourage children, parents and teachers to realise: you can always find peace within yourself.

The pack provides lesson plans and working methods to meet the peacemakers in the world around you, to create peace in the classroom and experience peace within yourself.

A safe and peaceful educational environment in the group, both inside and outside the school, is important for children’s learning and development. Peace in Your Hands provides activities that support calmness and concentration, both individually and for the whole group. This pack introduces skills that children need—empathy, standing up for yourself, standing up for others, thinking positively and thinking in terms of solutions.

Citizenship education helps children’s social development in personal relationships in their community and society. This pack shows what democratic citizenship is, possibly in addition to the programme the school already uses.

Programme of the Training

Monday 11 February

Morning: Introduction and visit to school that uses the NEA yoga approach for children.

Afternoon: Training Peace in your hands package: vision, aim, approach, didactics and experiences of teachers.

Tuesday 12 February

Morning: Round table discussion with Romanian educational policy makers:  Peace Education as a pro-active approach to counteract bullying and violence

Afternoon: Training Peace in your hands: Implementation of the package in one’s own context, international experiences,  strategies, dilemma’s, and action plans.

Contact and registration

For more information, please contact  Didi Ananda Devapriya

Mobile phone +40744565252

To register please fill this form:



Neohumanist Education Association and Mutant are both members of the International Step by Step Association.

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