Learning activities take place in rhythmic cycles that have three closely inter-related stages. The life cycle of a plant is used as a metaphor to describe this cyclical flow of learning. The “Sprouting” phase is the stage of inspiring and motivating learning, the “Ripening” phase is the stage of facilitating, enriching and extending learning and the “Harvest” phase is the stage of consolidating learning, celebrating achievements and reflecting on the process. This same pattern is used as a template for planning on the microcosmic level of the daily schedule or a single activity to the macrocosmic level of thematic planning and yearly rhythms.

Daily plan:

Sprouting: “I am curious” – Circle time

Ripening: “I do” – English and holistic activities

Harvesting: “I did it!” – free play, relaxation, celebration, review, appreciation, “Harvest of the Day” activity

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