Strategies for teaching ethics in action

Denise Deshaies and Iulia Halangescu presented strategies of conflict resolution as applied within Neohumanist education in order to build children’s abilities in problem solving and self-regulation from an early age at the a National Conference on School Mediation. The conference was  held at the Faculty of International Economic Relations through its Master program of Integration and European Business together with the Faculty of Juridical Science and Administration through its Master program in Mediation. The event was held at the Cristian University “Dimitrie Cantemir” on April 4, and an article published both in the magazine “Dezbateri Social Economice” as well as online:

National Debate on Stress in Childhood, held in Bucharest

On September 27th, the president of AEN, Didi Denise Deshaies participated in a national debate on stress in childhood, held in Bucharest at the National Pedagogical Library. The conference was organized by F.I.C.E. (International Foundation of Educational Communities), and offered an excellent opportunity for psychologists, social workers and educators to exchange their ideas on the causes and effects of increased stress in childhood in Romania. Didi presented the practical approach of Neohumanist education to teaching skills in self-regulation of stress from an early age to preschool children, as applied in the Gradinita Rasarit kindergartens in Bucharest.
Romanian article on the conference